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Karens Party in Old Town                            Carolyn Demos UrbanRhythmStylee           Orquesta La Romana at Cecilias


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NEW: Women In Salsa 2010 Videos Now Online


Winter 2014 10-week Salsa Level I and III~V series begins Sunday Jan 12th. Cost is $101/$116 for in/out of Fairfax county residents. Times; Level I @ 5-6pm, Level III~V @6-7pm. Call #703-866-0566 or register at the front desk/office.

To register go to (Once class has started you must register at the South Run Front desk/office. You can pay for the entire series or pay $12/class with instructor approval);

Women In Salsa 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010 Dance Team Videos Online NOW!!! SalsaApache Level III DVD now Available, See Preview below!!


"Ballroom Dance Online: Learn Ballroom Dancing Online at this complete Instructional Dance Video School", with a link to


Derek & Carrie perform Isolations & Rotations at Lioudmila Dance studio:




SalsaApache Salsa/Mambo Level III DVD   Available Now!! Over 90 minutes of Detailed Step by step Salsa On-1 and NY Mambo On-2 instruction. WideScreen Format, Chapter Links, Men and Ladies techniques for Copa's, Cross Body self Hammerlocks, Cross Body Wraps to Crossovers & Step Arounds, Hand Tosses, Ladies Tunnels, 360 degree Spot Turns, Complete On-1 & On-2 shines routines with over a Dozen shines, special guest dancer/demonstrator Carolyn Palmer, Music by Orquesta La Romana, $25 + Free shipping. This is the Green Belt of the SalsaApache Salsa/Mambo Black Belt series.








See the Women In Salsa '05, '06, '07, & '08  Performances!!! 



SalsaApache Urban Mambo Close Quarters Combat performance with DVD partner Carolyn Palmer ('s Salsera of the Year 2006:)  at the Salsa Fuego Xmas Party

For more videos from the Salsa Fuego Christmas party ~

To view Derek and Carolyn's Urban Mambo close quarters combat performance click here!

To view Ceci and Nakapon's premier Salsa Fuego performance click here!

To view the Salsa Fuego Ladies team performance click here!

To view the Salsa Fuego Partnering Student Group click here!

To view the Rumberos Europeos performance click here!

To view the Son-in-Motion performance click here!

To view Derek and Carrie Social dancing click here!

To view General Social Dancing click here!


 BOOYAA -- over 50 new and classic videos from parties online now on the new SOS Party Videos page.  Find yourself!!!


Go here for Obama's August 28, 2008 presidential nomination acceptance speech in mp3 courtesy of


The SalsaApache Fall 2010 series runs from Sep 19th - Nov 21st. Cost for 10 weeks is $90 for Fairfax county residents, $105 for out of County.   Level II on-1 and some Salsa on-2/NY Mambo shines, and Level III~V is Salsa on-1.

Derek 'SalsaApache' Salsa on 1 and NY Mambo/Salsa on-2 classes at South Run RECenter in Springfield/Burke.  7550 Reservation Drive,  Springfield, Virginia   703-866-0566    Map/Directions   

Classes follow the format of the Black Belt DVD series taking a student from beginner to expert level.

or call the registration hotline, 703-222-4664


  • Level I, 4-4:55pm Salsa on-1  (Basic footwork, Cross Body's, Cumbias, Styling, Right, Left, & Broken left turns, hand switches, wraps, combs, etc., along with mini-sessions in Bachata, Merengue, ChaCha on-1 & on-2, Salsa on-1, & Cumbia salsa) 
  • Level II, 5-5:55pm Salsa on-1/2 Level II, 5-5:55pm Salsa on-1/2 (Yellow Belt)(MultiFlow Combination, Sombrero Trilogy, Extended Broken left turn combos, Pivot to Hand drop, Duck turns, Arm folds, Wraps to Hammerlocks, Hook turns, Dual Turn, Triple Fakes, Argentine Tango Basic, etc.,)

  • Level III/V, 6-6:55pm, Salsa on-1 (Level III~V, (Green/Blue/Brown belt) includes Copas and Coca-Colas, Multi- spinning drills, Touch Turns, Axel Rotations, The Extended Pretzel, Touch and Go Abstract Copa's, Tunnels, Reverse turns, Styling, Helicoptors, Afro-Cuban body isolations, Shines, Dips, Magic Hand techniques and a ChaCha routine, plus Level III techniques of COPA's, Cross Body Wraps to Step arounds, Hand tosses, and Dual spinouts.



Click on Left Photo for "Gallery preview" of Nov & Dec performances & Right Photo for "Video" of SalsaApache & Carolyn's Urban Mambo "Close quarters Combat" performance at the Burke South Run RECenter Dec 18th 05.



DerekCarolyn @ SOS Social                             Salsa Fuego at Cecilias Tsunami fundraiser

Mambo Beginner Level II DVD, now Available for $20.  Reserve your copy today.  You can purchase online thru  Free Shipping in USA.  See DVD preview below, and the instructional page for more information. 

Now Available, Emile Derek Boyle's Beginner Mambo level I & II DVDs.  See the Instructional Video page for more details.  For the lastest click DVD image below:

Click Mambo II DVD Menu below for "Video preview" and Mambo I DVD Menu to go to the Instruction Videos page.

Widescreen format, 22 Chapters, motion menus, 75minutes, guest dancer Carolyn Palmer.

 Filming and DVD/MPEG/Streaming Video services now available. Send inquiries to

Eileen Torres' Zanzibar 6th Anniversary Party Videos.  Salsa Fuego,  Clavekazi, Trabuco, Son-In-Motion, Latin Motion, Clavekazi Student Group, Orquesta La Romana!!! (See the Zanzibar Video Page)

 For more of the Women In Salsa Dance Team Performances at Zanzibar, go to the "Women in Salsa Pages".  Includes all-teams opening dance, Salsa Fuego, Trabuco, Clavekazi, Salsa Fuego Student Group, Most Wanted, Son in Motion, Art in Motion, Son Mulato, Joby Brava, Azucar Moreno, Salsumba, Melao, and the Grand Finale.

This site is dedicated to the promotion, teaching, and displaying the dynamics of Salsa/Mambo partner dancing to Urban Rhythm music.  I am Emile Derek Boyle and I want you to learn this dynamic and often freestyle partner dance form and to comfortably apply your skills on the dance floor whether dancing to Salsa/Mambo music or other Urban, hiphop, rock, alternative, african and reggae music forms.  It's all in the 4 and 8 count Beats, and the flavor of the Clave for Salsa rhythms!  The focus of this site is music, videos, articles, beat count lessons, and other practical information and techniques to make you a better dancer.  Come for a workout, learn to partner dance, build skills to last a lifetime!



           Charlottesville's Salsa Dura                                                                    Shaka Student Group Sample  

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(Terry and Abduls Salsa on 2 Sunday Social at Chevy Chase ballroom 6-7:30 class, 7:30~ Party)

 "This performance by RuedaUSA is something special.  Call it Cuban Rueda, Casino, or just plain FUN!!!"   You can learn this on Sundays at Chevy Chase ballroom, Sundays afternoons!  For more info, go to: for the latest in their class and Party information.   


 RuedaUSA, Part I                                               RuedaUSA, Part II                                  RuedaUSA, Part III

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Highlight for Album: Salsa Workouts are fun


Workshops, private, and group lessons scheduled by appointment.  For info or appointments call;703-451-5114 or Cell#703-629-8457 or email at .


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